Best Champagne Sangria Recipe

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Tiny Bubbles are my favorite. As a mimosa, Bellini, pomegranate sparkler, or perfectly plain I love them all. But, none hold a candle next to my favorite way to enjoy these little bubbles, Columbia’s Restaurant Cava Sangria

Years ago my husband and I traveled in St. Augustine Florida for a work conference he attended. He attended the conference during the day, I sat by the pool….sans circus. It was what a mom’s relaxation dreams are made of. One day when he did not have meetings to attend we drove to downtown St Augustine for a little date. First, let me say that this is a beautiful city, rich in culture and my Spanish roots were smiling. As we walked around soaking in the city’s beauty we wandered into Columbia’s Restaurant. It was rich in Spanish flair and I was immediately were happy with our choice. I am very particular with what restaurants I go to, if i’m going to spend money on a meal that I dont make myself, it needs to be GOOD! So restaurant choice is very important, I still can count on one hand my TOP FIVE meals of all time and often dissect the entire experience on the way home to the listening ears of my husband. I always say that I should have been a restaurant critic! I’m that picky about restaurants! haha But, I digress….

As soon as we sat down and looked at the menu I immediately saw Champagne Sangria - by the PITCHER! We will take one of these, I exclaimed with excitement. Our lovely waitress prepared our sangria table side and as we watched her cut and squeeze fresh orange juice, add some special ingredients and pour our tasty beverages we chatted about the menu. I always say a restaurant is about experience as much as it is food…and so far she was hitting it out of the park!

(SIDE NOTE: We decided to do a tapas meal that day and it was truly delicious paired with our sangria. One of the items on the menu we chose was a black bean burger that I attempted to recreate and made it my own once I got home. Its pretty amazing if I do say so myself. I shared this recipe years ago and it can be found here.)

One sip and I was immediately hooked on this tasty drink. This Sangria can be made in the deep winter to brighten up the evening or sipped lakeside in the heat of the summer.

From my kitchen to yours ENJOY (responsibly),


  • 1 Bottle Cava or dry sparkling wine

  • 2 T brandy

  • 2 T. orange liquor

  • 1 C. club soda

  • 2-3 T sugar or simple syrup

  • ICE

  • 3 oranges squeezed and rind placed in pitcher

  • Fresh orange slices for glass

Add all ingredients to the pitcher. Stir, Add Cava and serve with ice and fresh orange slices. Enjoy (Responsibly)

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