Pineapple Mango Salsa Recipe

Often, our favorite foods are because of a happy and positive experience we have had with a meal. Whether is is the comfort of your mama's dinners, an amazing experience at a restaurant, or a dish from a fun holiday gathering our favorite foods are often traced back

to happy memories.  I have had MANY amazing meals over the years but I can count on ONE hand my most memorable meals of all time.  Recently I ate a dish while on vacation with my family that will be added to my short list of all time favorites.

When my husband and chose a restaurant on our last night of vacation we had no idea what to expect but with an open mind ordered what sounded like a unique and tasty nachos appetizer served with crab meat, queso cheese and topped with  a spicy and sweet pineapple mango salsa!  It was an out of this world dish that I will not soon forget and IMMEDIATELY knew I wanted to recreate this salsa at home!

Since that first bite in the restaurant my mind began spinning with ideas on how to fit this fresh salsa into a healthy and delicious lunch or dinner meal. Chicken? Tacos? Fish? Scallops? Pork Chops? or simply served with organic tortilla chips on a hot summer day with a glass of champagne sangria? All sound delicious and all WILL be made at some point in my kitchen now that I have this salsa in my arsenal of go tos!    

As soon as I combined these ingredients in my kitchen I knew I had a winner!  I dug my spoon into the bowl and with one heaping mouthfull knew I needed to share this awesome salsa.  

Give it a try and serve it any way you like! Or eat it straight out of the bowl.  No judgment here! Not only is it delicious but healthy as well!  Bonus!

From my HOME to yours,



2 T. Cilantro - chopped

2 T. Fresh jalapeno - diced

1/2 Lemon - (aprox 2 T.)

1 Lime

1 Mango - medium diced

1/2 Fresh pineapple - medium diced

1/2 Red Pepper - small diced

12 Onion - small diced

Pinch of Salt

2 t. olive oil 

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and CHILL! Give a quick toss before serving and add more salt and or lime juice as needed!  Keep sealed and refrigerated until serving.