Sweet Life of a Baker's FAVORITE pantry items

When you have a well stocked pantry you can

make just about ANY sweet or savory dish on a whim!

Just by using these items to use to make your dinners or desserts you will be making your food healthier and also save money in the long run.  

Sure, a cookie is a cookie...but when its a HOMEmade cookie you will know exactly what is in it and feel a satisfaction knowing it's made with whole ingredients and that you are passing on all the processed oils, fake sweeteners, dyes and extracts. 

Don't let this list overwhelm your wallet.  Pick up a couple each week at the store and before you know it you will have a well stocked pantry that you can replace items as needed.  

MY TIP: buy as many of these items in bulk for extra savings, savings, savings!  

From my HOME to yours,