Delicious Homemade Crock Pot Yogurt Recipe

I used to DETEST yogurt. The thought of it made me scrunch my nose in disgust and for YEARS I walked right past this section of the grocery store.  Isn't it funny how things can change?

For the past year, yogurt has been a staple in my house.

Am I eating yogurt because I am "dieting"? No way! I am living a deliciously healthy life! For the past year I have purchased a 32 oz container of plain organic whole milk yogurt each week, in this brand or that, and added to it my favorite fresh fruit topping and homemade granola

!   A delicious, healthy meal to fuel me for the morning.  I have four kids and can use all the energy I can get! I am so glad I now know how important breakfast is for me.  The "old me" had breakfast each day that primarily consisted of coffee, coffee, and COFFEE and possibly fast food (gasp)! So, this breakfast addition to my daily nutrition was a great decision and one I'm so glad I made.

I have been thinking for a LONG time about trying to make my own yogurt.  I've always pushed it off for one reason, excuse or another, but ideas mean nothing without action, right?   This is the Slight Edge in action!  So, I took to Pinterest and scanned all the pages I could find looking for different recipe ideas. I found some recipes that called for powdered milk, some called for sugar Eeek!! This baker LOVES sugar, but NOT in my yogurt), and some called for straining the finished product through a cheese cloth.  So I took a little bit of education from each of the recipes and decided to give it a try with only 3 INGREDIENTS!

Organic Milk, 1 small container of Greek Yogurt, and Vanilla Extract PLUS my trusty crock-pot and decided to give it a go!

Not only does this recipe make DOUBLE the amount of a 32 oz. yogurt container, it is ORGANIC, has NO fake ingredients, and hubs and I can also BOTH eat homemade yogurt daily for a HUGE cost savings per year! The annual savings comes out to about a $286 cost savings for TWO PEOPLE or more specifically $23 dollars PER MONTH! That is a HUGE savings and one I'm def happy about. I wonder what I will buy instead (wink).

So, how did the homemade version RANK compared to the store bought version we have grown accustomed to buying and loving? Well, truth be told, deciding to make this homemade yogurt was quite possibly the EASIEST and BEST decisions I have made and I can not believe I waited this long to make it. No exaggeration! The longest part of this "recipe," if you can call it that, is waiting for the milk to TURN into yogurt. You literally just set your crock-pot aside and forget it's even there until that magical time when you open the lid to see a FULL POT of FRESH delicious homemade yogurt. YUMM!  I was SO EXCITED when I lifted the lid that I stuck a spoon right in and gave it a taste!  Even thought it was not cold from the fridge yet and at "room temperature," it was the most delicious yogurt I have ever tasted!

So my final review before sharing this recipe is that I will absolutely be making my yogurt from scratch now. It tastes FRESH, delicious and is SO MUCH CHEAPER. Yes, please and THANK YOU!

HINT: Keep a small portion of the master batch in a small container so that you can use that as a starter for the NEXT BATCH! Even MORE savings! Whoop Whoop!

I hope you like this SUPER EASY, YUMMY RECIPE!

From my HOME to yours,



1/2 GALLON Organic WHOLE Milk

1 SMALL container PLAIN Greek YOGURT

1 T. Pure Vanilla Extract

Place milk in the crock pot. Cover and turn on LOW for 3 HOURS! At the 3 hour mark, turn the machine off and let it SIT for an additional 3 hours. Then, take 2 cups of the warm milk mixture out, mix in the container of yogurt until combined and pour back into the rest of the milk in the crock-pot.

Add vanilla extract and stir. Replace lid and cover the crock pot with 2-3 towels wrapped around crock pot it to "incubate" and allow the yogurt magic to happen. Set aside for 9-12 hours. (Note: mine sat for 12 hours for this batch). Figure out a time to start that will be convenient for you to scoop when done. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night to scoop out yogurt!  Not me!

Then, lift the lid and see the delicious yogurt you have "made"! Scoop into containers with sealed lid and refrigerator. Homemade yogurt will keep for 2 weeks in the refrigerator. You can even use a 1/2 cup portion of your homemade yogurt as a "starter" - so put it aside to make your next batch.