CLEAN Egg Roll Stuffed Peppers SIDE DISH

I LOVE egg rolls.  Years ago a dear friend of mine shared a fresh homemade egg roll she made and I INSTANTLY fell in love with the flavors of fresh ginger, veggies and pork as it hit my mouth.

I had never tasted anything like it.  Ever since that delicious first bite I have been making my own for years whenever a craving for this delicious food hits.

I have not made these delicious morsels in quite some time, but a few weeks back I decided that I wanted to make a dish so I could get all the flavors in my homemade egg roll whenever I wanted without all the work cooking, rolling, frying and well, I wanted to "healthy" them up a bit so I could eat any time I wanted.  

I started thinking, HOW would I do this? At first, I decided I would just make and eat the filling in a bowl with ground pork in it.  So I set out to the store to purchase the ingredients. I happened to be walking past the fresh red bell peppers and it hit me! I would STUFF the egg roll filling into a pepper and have it as a SIDE DISH to a pork chop!  Whoa! Now, I'm not the FIRST person to stuff a pepper with a filling but this idea had my foodie brain spinning with ideas! 

So, how exactly do you make this delicious dish you ask?  THIS IS HOW!

From my HOME to yours,



6 C. Cabbage - shredded

1/2 C. celery - diced

2 C. carrots. shredded

4 C. mushrooms - sliced

1/2 C. onion - diced

3 cloves fresh garlic - chopped

3 t. olive oil

1/2 t. salt

1/4 t. pepper

1/2 t. garlic powder

1 -3 t. fresh ground ginger or 1 t. dried (more or less - to taste) 

Put 2 t. olive oil in frying pan and heat to medium. Add onion, celery, carrots and saute till tender.  Next, add garlic cloves, mushrooms and seasonings.  Once tender, turn to low and add shredded cabbage.  Saute, tossing often until cabbage becomes tender and soft.

Next, clean and slice bell peppers in half.  Pre-heat oven until 350-375 (depending on what you cook your pork chops at)  lightly brush olive oil inside each pepper and stuff with veggie mixture. Place on a baking sheet and place in the oven until warmed through and peppers are tender.  This will take approximately 15-25 minutes. ENJOY!

NOTE: Once cooled to room temperature, these stuffed peppers can be wrapped in saran wrap, placed in a freezer bag and popped in the freezer for a quick reheat any time you want this delicious side dish!