"Sweet Life of a Baker's" WISH LIST!!

I am not a big "shopper" and nothing gets me more excited than a trip to COSTCO! haha  I don't walk the mall and I rarely buy anything for myself except maybe a good quality food item like this AWESOME Small Batch Maple Sriracha we picked up at the Woodstock Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago! YUMM!!

With that being said, this mama has a FEW items that I will absolutely be WISHING for!!  So, I wanted to share some of my "wish list items" this holiday season in case you too are looking for the PERFECT gift to give someone who loves to cook or wants to spend more time in the kitchen.

1. AMAZON ECHO!  First off, I am NOT a big "techie" but THIS little beauty right here is something that has blown my mind!!  This past Thanksgiving we spent a week at our relatives house and they had "ALEXA"!  Just by speaking to Alexa directly you have a world of information at your fingertips!!  We spent the week "chatting" with Alexa and the kiddos LOVED having it play their favorite songs...we listened to the Pokemon theme song about 20 times over the course of the week! Not only will "SHE" play any music you want at any given moment, but you can get the weather, news, recipe MEASUREMENTS, conversions and recipe ratios as soon as you need it! With ALEXA there is no need to stop what you are making to find something out, as you can get instant information and questions answered just by speaking a question! Practically ANY question you want to know about SHE can answer!!  How many tablespoons in a cup? How many ounces in a cup? What is a good substitute for egg? It's a brilliant little machine and will change the way I bake in my kitchen for certain!  Math is not my strong suit and measurement conversions are enough to drive me MAD!  THIS is on my WISH list and I will absolutely be getting one soon! The AMAZON ECHO has me SO excited and I can not wait to use it in the kitchen! The possibilities in the kitchen for this baker are ENDLESS!!

2. VITAMIX 5300!!  A GIRL can DREAM right??  I am in absolute LOVE with this little machine!! I used a Vitamix ONCE and it put my lil old blender to SHAME!!!  The power of this blender is AMAZING and I see smooth and delicious homemade hummus, soups, garlic paste, fruit puree, and homemade peanut butter in my future and my Shakeology will taste AMAZING in this every morning!  I am absolutely upgrading my "blender" to the VITAMIX 5300 as soon as possible!  Do you want one, too??

3. ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO REAL SIMPLE and MARTHA STEWART LIVING!! There is no more guiltier pleasure for me than sitting down once a month and reading a PRINT copy of my favorite magazines!!!  There is something relaxing about holding a print magazine and flipping pages.  Since my business is online and I spend most of my day on the phone, computer or tablet, a hard copy magazine is my idea of HEAVEN and a monthly indulgence I don't expect to end any time soon!

4. LE CREUSET ENAMELED CAST IRON SKILLET!! I LOVE to cook and bake in enameled cast iron and Le Creuset dishes are, in my humble opinion, the "holy grail" for creating beautiful and tasty dishes!!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to me this LE CREUSET CAST IRON SKILLET is BEAUTIFUL and NEXT on my list! Slowly over time, piece by piece, you can acquire a cabinet full of functional and quality cooking pots and pans!  Le Creuset will never go out of style and will provide for YEARS of cooking use. From one foodie to another, if you do not have a Le Creuset pot or pan, start now! Nothing replaces a good pot or pan in the kitchen and the more you cook with it...the better it and YOU get!!  

So, there you have it. There are many many more items that could and SHOULD go on this list but for the sake of keeping it brief I will leave it to these few items.  This baker may not ask for fancy jewelry or clothes but a few pots, mixers and a talking machine are enough to get me excited for my kitchen in 2017! I hope it gets you excited at the possibilities too! 

From my HOME to yours,

Andrea MaranvilleComment