Whats in MY pantry?  Over the years I have refined my dry goods pantry and find that I return to these basic ingredients.  This list allows me to make both sweet and savory dishes at any given time for a fraction of the price of store bough alternatives that that are full of preservatives and/or unnecessary ingredients!

Homemade dishes do not need to be complicated....but having the necessary items on hand in a pantry makes it a whole lot easier!

I also find that when I keep these basic items on hand, I can create a dish on a whim and know that I have everything I could need.

Breads, desserts, granolas, cookies, breakfasts, snacks and seasonings for delicious dinners!

While my dry pantry does contain quite a few other items, this is a GREAT list to get you started on your way to an organized pantry!  I like to keep my dry goods in large mason jars for freshness and organization! I love to SEE what I have! ;)

If this list overwhelms your wallet, start slow and slowly add one or two items to your weekly shopping list.  In no time, you too will have a WELL stocked pantry!

From my HOME to yours!