How I Grocery Shop for my family of SIX ONCE a week for LESS than $150!

How exactly do I keep our food bill for my family of SIX to less than $150 a week?  Simple. I cook from scratch and only buy what we need for the week.

I make a grocery list, stick to it, and try to go to the store ONCE a week.  If you think going to the store 2, 3, 4 times a week is saving you money, I challenge you
to see if you leave the store with MORE than you actually went in for.  Once a week shopping eliminates those "impulse" purchases that we "NEED"!  Also, I make sure that when I am purchasing items that will spoil within a few days that I use those first to eliminate waste.  I always make sure to pick up a few pantry staple goods per week to fill in the gaps where needed for scratch cooking -- flour? breadcrumbs? pasta? I stay away from prepackaged meals - with the exception of a few snacks for the kiddos lunches and snacks.

I LOVE a bargain but I am not a very good at couponing.  I tried it once but just couldn't get the hang of it. With that being said, I HATE greatly dislike spending more money on groceries than I will use and since wasting food is literally "throwing money in the trash," I am very careful not to purchase items that will spoil before we eat it.

I am a foodie at heart and we also try to eat as "clean" as possible, so if I don't keep our food bill under control it can quickly get out of hand! I know have learned through experience that in order to keep a realistic family food budget that I must PLAN for those special splurges and incorporate it where possible if the budget has wiggle room. Sometimes our needs are less and we can buy those "extra" items.  The goal is to plan ahead and have a well stocked pantry to keep your weekly shopping less.  Sometimes simple is better for meals and healthier too!

For full disclosure: I do shop once a month at Costco to purchase most of our meats, home keeping staples, and some pantry staples.  I average around $200 per month for that specific trip and this cost is not included in my weekly grocery budget.  Even with that being said a family of six that spends in TOTAL less than $200 in total per week is not that bad! It comes out to about $5 per person per day! That is on the high end too, most days are less.

Our weekly shopping trips very rarely contain meat or home keeping goods (those I get on my Costco trip) and this keeps our weekly budget down.

Check out my video below to see the types of items I purchase on a weekly basis. Not every week is the same but I think that you will find that once you get into a once a weekly grocery shopping routine for YOUR family that eating clean is NOT as overwhelming or costly as some people might think.

From my HOME to yours,
Andrea xoxo

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