Blackbean Burger with Salsa Salad Recipe

Last spring, Owen and I traveled to Ponte Vedre, Florida for a conference he was attending for work.  I went with him and while hubs went to the conference, I sat by the pool!  During one of the days when he did not have an event to go to we took a short drive down to St. Augustine for the day to sightsee, shop, and grab lunch. First, let me just say, what a BEAUTIFUL city St. Augustine is! We will absolutely be returning to this city as we did not even scratch the surface exploring it!

While we were walking around and looking somewhere to eat lunch we stumbled upon Columbia's Restaurant.  Neither of us had ever been to this restaurant before (they have a few locations), and the city had me channeling my Spanish roots, so in we went!  Once we sat at our table and opened our menus we realized they served tapas AND Champagne the pitcher!!!!  Score and SCORE!!!  We looked at each other and knew this was going to be a GREAT lunch.

Our wonderful and informative server instructed us that the black-bean cakes were a must if we were interested in the tapas menu. Now, I am a creature of habit so my instinct was to say no given that up until that point I really never ate ANYTHING with beans in it aside from chili. It was a food item that I never really enjoyed  tried....until I tasted that glorious black-bean cake!!  Maybe it was the Sangria or the fact that I was alone with my hubs on a mini getaway, or both, but that little cake was AMAZING and started my love affair with all things black-bean!

Now, I buy them wholesale at our warehouse club Costco and always have them on hand in my kitchen.

This black bean "burger" is yummy, healthy and SO inexpensive to make! This recipe makes 8-9 patties and freezes well for future dinners.  A bit of effort to make these patties provide for a handful of easy weeknight dinners!!  Feel free to add more or less seasoning or spice to taste!  Creativity in the kitchen is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

From my HOME to yours, ENJOY!!!

Ange xoxo

Makes 8-9 Black Bean Patties

2 Cans Black Beans
2 Eggs
1 C. Rolled oats (ground into flour texture)
1 medium yellow onion
1 medium red pepper
3 t. chopped garlic
2 t. creole seasonings
1 t. cumin
1/2 t. black pepper
2 t. hot sauce
6 t. olive oil (divided)

Salsa Dressing:
1 t. olive oil
1/4 C. salsa
2-3 T. fresh lemon juice
Pinch of salt

Citrus Yogurt Sauce: 

1/2 C. Plain Yogurt
2-3 T fresh lemon juice

1. Dice onion and pepper to a small dice and saute over medium/low heat with
3 t. of olive oil until translucent and tender.  Add garlic and continue cooking for 2-3 minutes longer. Add all other dry seasonings and mix until incorporated. Set aside to cool.

2.  Drain and rinse black beans in a colander. Shake off excess water.

3.  Place oats in a food processor and blend until desired "flour" texture.  Remove from processor and set aside.

4. Place beans and eggs in a food processor and pulse to desired texture. NOTE: I like to make mine smooth but feel free to keep some whole beans for texture if you want.

5. Remove from processor and place in a large bowl. Next, add vegetable mixture and oats. Mix until fully incorporated.

6. Shape into 8-9 patties and freeze on a baking sheet.  NOTE: The texture will be loose so freezing them before sauteing keeps the shape of the patty.

7.  Place 2-3 t. of olive oil in a saute pan - enough to barely cover the bottom of pan and Turn heat to medium high. Once oil is sizzling place desired amount of burgers on the pan and turn to medium heat.  Cook for 7-8 minutes checking occasionally to make sure it does not get too brown. Flip and repeat on other side for 4-5 minutes.

Place the finished salad on a plate, add "burger" on top and drizzle yogurt topping.  ENJOY!!

For any 21 Day Fixers - One patty with salad and yogurt is aprox: 1 yellow, 1.5 green, 2 t. grey
1/4th Red (to small to count!)
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