What exactly is in Gnocchi - potato, flour, Parmesan cheese, egg, seasonings - THAT'S IT! Potato is the star of this dish and the other ingredients help to compliment it.

Gnocchi is not very difficult to make but it is a tad time consuming so save this one for a lazy weekend day. Trust me you will WANT to find time to make this!  I do not make gnocchi very often but when I do I make a large batch!  I make a large batch (double or triple the amounts in this recipe) and freeze portions for future dinners.  In my house of SIX I cook smarter, not harder.  I just love pulling out "fresh" gnocchi dinner anytime I want, knowing exactly what is in it, and that it is CHEAP to make!!

When I was 9 months pregnant with our THIRD :) child I became OBSESSED with making my own pasta, ravioli and gnocchi.  It was December so comfort food was on my mind. Nesting? Cravings?  I'm not sure, but that month was the impetus for a few of my favorite dishes and the beginning of my gnocchi making. Unfortunately I can not source the original recipe because I do not even remember where I found it - i'll blame it on pregnancy brain). 

I used to knead this mixture by hand (the old fashioned way) because the key to a good gnocchi is that it should be pillowy, fluffy and airy.  Without getting TOO specific, mixing the dough too much will activate the gluten in the flour and produce a heavier denser outcome.  Recently, I have been using my kitchen aid mixer for speed, ease, and less mess.  I do not notice a real difference in the taste however this method of choice it totally up to you.  Regardless of the method, the key here is not to over mix the dough to provide the best outcome!

One night I experimented to see if the taste would be affected by using whole wheat flour and used my mama as the guinea pig. My mother and I DEVOURED our plates! Even after making this dish for years, I was surprised by the flavors! Whether using all purpose or whole wheat flour his is a gnocchi recipe that will knock your socks off!  

From my HOME to yours,




*Try to incorporate organic ingredients into your dishes whenever possible

1# Russet Potatoes (2 C. Riced)*

1 C. Whole Wheat Flour

3-4 Egg Yolks*

1/2 C. Parmesan Cheese

1 t. salt

1/4 t. pepper

1/4 t. nutmeg

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.  Wash and dry 1# potatoes (equals 2 cups - when riced).

Bake potatoes "whole" on baking sheet until a knife pierces through without resistance.  Slice each potato in half. Reduce heat to 325 and return to oven for aprox. 15-20 minutes longer.



This step is very important because it helps remove much of the moisture from the potato.

Once the potato is cooked - set it on counter until cool enough to handle.  Then scoop out potatoes and place through a ricer (If you don't have a ricer - mashing with a fork will work as well) and put in a mixing bowl. At this point you can mix by hand or in a kitchen aid mixer with the paddle attachment. Add 3 eggs and seasonings to the potatoes, mix until incorporated. Next, add flour and Mix until combined. If dough is too dry add the fourth egg yolk. NOTE: when prepping your ingredients do not shell the fourth egg in case you don't need it. Only shell if needed.

Once mixed, lightly flour flat surface and dump mixture into a lump. The next step is done in batches and you do not want your dough to dry out so cover the dough not in use with saran wrap or cloth until ready to use.

Pull/Cut off a chunk of dough and roll out (like play dough) into a log shape to desired thickness. Next, take a sharp knife and cut gnocchi to size.

Once all pieces in "log" are cut turn fork upside down on surface and "push and roll" the gnocchi down the fork.

This creates the nooks in the gnocchi that are very important. These nooks are what capture the sauce as well as provide surface area while gnocchi are boiling.

Once gnocchi are formed place on a lightly floured baking pan and let sit until cooking.  Otherwise, place on a baking sheet and place in the freezer until frozen. Transfer to freezer bag once frozen.

Whether you boil the gnocchi straight away or from a frozen state the final method is the same.

Once water is boiling place batch of gnocchi in water.  They will immediately sink to the bottom of the pan. One by one they will float to the surface. Boil for 30 seconds longer and they are DONE! Coat with sauce of choice and ENJOY!!

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